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OPSEC Concept and Its Importance in the Context of Sociology of Security

The concept of operation is widely connected to many fields varied from public institutions to private companies, from educational institutions to logistic services, from sports facilities to cultural events. Rivalries between commercial institutions continuously going on while there may be adversities in the level of states. If discretion cannot be maintained in all activities-operations from the smallest to the biggest ones, then animosity or rivalry would turn out against the benefits of the organization / company. From this aspect the concept of OPSEC, which means Operations Security, has a great importance. This concepts which was developed as a military term in the USA has been used by civilian security authorities too after its design in army. Today we see that OPSEC is used in the sector of private security in relations with issued like corporate security, IT security, Etc. The main argument of this work is that OPSEC applications are not only limited to military or private security sectors and it has the potential to be used in different fields such economy, politics, business world, other social levels, Etc. The literature related to topic is discussed from a sociological perspective.

OPSEC, OPEM, security studies, security management, sociology of security, corporate security, private security


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