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Ottomans Marsh Reclamation Works the Republic of Turkey (1920-2000)

The rise in the agriculture, animal husbandry and textile industry, which started in the European and American continents after the Industrial Revolution, led to the rapid depletion of raw material resources and the search for new resources. In addition to the colonial movements that started on both continents, the search for the evaluation of the resources in the continents, the rivers, lakes and bogs were tried to be arranged from a new point of view and made available in terms of employment, food and health. These changes that took place at the beginning of the Ottoman Empire were affected in a very short period of time and the marsh breeding activities started in America and Europe in the 1840s became one of the priority issues of the state in 1845 after five years. Between 1840 and 1920, many marshes were firstly evaluated in terms of health in terms of agriculture and stockbreeding and were introduced to the country's economy. After the First World War began in 1914 in the Ottoman Empire in 1920 erased from history and take place with the Republic of Turkey, marshes had begun the second phase of reclamation adventure. After the Treaty of Exchange which was signed with the order of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the breeding of the marshes was continued in the face of the difficulties in the supply of soil and food to our fellow citizens who migrated from the Balkans, Moradan and Aegean Islands to Anatolia. In this article, we will focus on the marshes left as an inheritance from the Ottoman Empire and the adventure of the marshes which were first introduced in the Republic period. The information to be obtained from the theses, articles and institutional data published in this review will be compiled.

Ottoman, Republic, Breeding, Lake, River, Swamp


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