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Place and Heritage: The Contribution of Documentary Cinema in The Protection of Cultural Assets in Safranbolu

Safranbolu in Karabük Province is the best examples of the old Turkish city by its natural and cultural texture. Because of the complete protection of the city’s natural and cultural assets, it has been included in the World Cultural Heritage List by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO) and this sustainable protection has been registered. Documentary cinema; it has a serious role in the formation and survival of the social memory. It has a historical responsibility towards society; It not only interprets reality, but also creates a social memory by recording these realities. Safranbolu, which has managed to stand by resisting natural and environmental factors for centuries, attracts attention with its cultural assets, especially traditional Turkish Houses, with their features suitable for documentary cinema. Suha Arın, an important name in Turkish documentary history, created great awareness by producing the film “Safranbolu’da Zaman/Time in Safranbolu” during the process of Safranbolu being included in the World Cultural Heritage List. The film is a major factor in creating national and international awareness and creating a public opinion that helps to protect history. This effect created by the film demonstrates the power of documentary cinema in the protection of natural and human heritage. The main starting point of this study is that Arın protects the Anatolian culture and people through his documentaries and contributes to the formation of cultural memory through the Safranbolu example. In this study, it is aimed to determine the contribution and effects of the film “Safranbolu’da Zaman” to the conservation/maintenance of the cultural assets of the region and the perception of the people on this issue. For this purpose, survey and in-depth interview methods were used. Frequency, Variance(Anova), T-Test Analyses were applied. According to the findings, meaningful results have been reached regarding the contribution of Suha Arın documentary to the protection of natural and human heritage in Safranbolu. In-depth interviews were evaluated by Discourse Analysis and main themes were removed. As a result, Suha Arın’s film has increased sensitivity and awareness towards the protection/preservation of cultural heritage in Safranbolu. This documentary film influenced all over Turkey and even the world and people have begun to show sensitivity towards protection. Safranbolu has introduced himself to Turkey and the world by Suha Arın’s film. The impact of the documentary film and visual media on social events was seen in Safranbolu through this film. The scientific opinion that “the historical environment in which people live should be protected together with people” has found an application area for the first time in Safranbolu. This film has contributed greatly to the formation of cultural memory in Safranbolu and to making Safranbolu a brand, the city has been marked as an authentic value.

Safranbolu, Cultural Asset, Natural and Human Heritage, Documentary Cinema, Place.


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